prettysmartstuff is a start-up recycled/repurposed furniture and textiles business based near Oberlin, Ohio.  Its aim is to produce quality, aesthetically-pleasing items while promoting the arts and social and environmental awareness through its products and business practices.

Trina Parrish was living with her mom after having graduated from Oberlin College.  She had spent the summer of 2008 applying for jobs all over the country, and had heard from all of the employers what an incredibly diverse and impressive resume she had, but they had decided to go with someone else.  Same old story, right?

In order to occupy herself during this stressfully boring time, Trina took to fixing things, taking apart a chair, painting shoes, the usual restless tinkering.  Her mom said she needed to find a better way to go about all of this messing.

Then one day, Trina’s mom came home with a dead moth.  It was white with black spots – a leopard moth.  Trina noted what a great pattern it was, how it would look amazing on some upholstery or something.

Her mom said, “You could do that.”

Now, “you could do that” is a sentence Trina has heard all of her life, so usually, it gets shrugged off. “Yeah, yeah, I can do anything, yeah.”

This time was different.

Dammit! I really could do that!”

In Fall 2008, she still hadn’t been hired anywhere, so Trina started looking at grad schools again and found Goddard College’s Sustainable Business and Communities program. She applied, and in Fall 2010, she received her Master's Degree. The rest will hopefully be history.  






















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